So, what's my story?

I am a motivated problem solver with 6+ years experience in the startup space, working in project management, engineering, and customer success. I can talk tech with business folks and talk bussines with tech folks. I am passionate about learning to build and building to learn, collaborating with others, and getting the job done while having fun doing it. I'm looking for a fast-paced environment where I can constatly continue to level-up.

And, if I am away from the keyboard, you can usually find me DJing with my partner, in my roller skates, or hunting down my next bowl of ramen. 🍜


JavaScript, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Express, Node.js, Next.js, Python, Flask, Django, SQL, Sequelize, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS, GraphQL, RESTful APIs, Git, Github, Docker, AWS S3, IBM Cloud, Firebase, Stripe, Contentful, Storybook

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Some of my recent work.

Cntxt Clothing [WIP]

Single-page e-commerce web app. Nullam React frontend, leveraging Redux and Redux-Saga for state management, Firebase for authentication and user data storage, and the Stripe API for payment handling. Currently refactoring in Typescript.

Legacy Projects

These are some older projects that no longer reflect my current skill set, but I have included them here to demonstrate my experience and growth as an engineer and because they taught me valuable collaborative and technical skills.


Single-page crytocurrency trading and visualization app. Nullam Flask (Python) backend, React/Redux frontend, leveraging the CoinGecko API and react-stockchartsjs library.


SPA where music fans can search and save setlists from their favorite bands. Nullam Express.js backend, React/Redux frontend, leveraging the API.

Tequila With Strangers

A clone of Tea with Strangers where users can create and join meetups to connect with other locals in their home city. Nullam Express.js backend, Javascript, Pug & CSS frontend.


Feel free to contact me for job opportunities, collaboration, questions, or even if you just need some excellent restaurant recommendations in New York or Córdoba.